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Living No Lye: A Natural Hair Journey - Ovation Cell Therapy: Week 1

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Ovation Cell Therapy: Week 1

By:  Brandi Cohen On:  November 11, 2010 1 Comment

So, as you know, I’ve started using Ovation Cell Therapy one week ago. I heard about this product on the radio. The personality was sayin how her hair grew two inches in the matter of almost two months. On average, I would get about 4 inches a year. If her could grow that fast, I’m assuming I can double my growth (if it works likes that).

Last Saturday, the FedEx box containing my 12 oz. bottle of Ovation arrived. I felt like a kid on Christmas Day! I was a little nervous about the size of the bottle, as I am with most products, because I tend to have to use a lot of product and I didn’t want it to go so fast. So I took extra pre-caution as to not use too much of this, but only what was needed.

I washed my hair as normal with my favorite shampoo, Creme of Nature (I’m old school with the shampoo). Next, I conditioned it with Infusium Moisture Replenisher Conditioner….by the way, I love this conditioner to pieces! After I rinsed out the conditioner, I got out of the shower and parted my hair in four sections and applied Ovation directly to my scalp throughout the four sections and also brushed it through my hair. Because I’m looking for those immediate results the website was referred to, I left it in overnight and washed it out in the morning. I washed my hair again a few days later and left it in until that Saturday. My hair has been styled in a bun and a ponytail the whole week.

Needless to say, I didn’t go to sleep Brandi and wake up Rapunzel. I didn’t notice any growth and I didn’t expect to see any after one week, but there were a few noticable changes in my hair, at least noticable to me. First of all, after just one week my hair was thicker and in a very good way. When I first heard about the product, my main concern was that my hair was going to be so thick it would resemble a pillow. But the good thing is that…it doesn’t. It’s not hard to comb through or just thick at the roots, it’s just a little fuller. Most times I have to really fluff my hair out to make it big, which would mess with my curls and give me frizz. So when it’s fuller, I can just have nice big curls and waves without having to manipulate them too much. The second change came in texture. My hair is softer and feels silkier. It’s not too soft where I can’t hold a curl or there’s major frizz. It rained majority of the days last week and my ponytail did not frizz.

Since my main goals is to obtain length, I’ll udpate you guys every other week. I’m sure I should see change after a few weeks. Until then, I’ll just keep hope alive.

This is my starting length

This is my starting length stretched.

This is the bun I have been wearing.

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  1. NaturaLeah

    5:03 PM

    What are the ingredients in Ovation that are supposed to stimulate hair growth?

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