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Living No Lye: A Natural Hair Journey - Contest #2: Curt Chauncey Naturally Glam Photo Shoot

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Be Seen

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Contest #2: Curt Chauncey Naturally Glam Photo Shoot

By:  NaturaLeah On:  December 01, 2010 16 Comments

Submission Deadline: December 15

Get camera-ready ladies!  This month’s contest will make you feel like a supermodel :-)

Curt Chauncey Photography is offering this AMAZING package:

-Two-hour (2-3 looks) lifestyle Portrait Session with the Photographer
-Standard portrait Digital Negative CD with 30-35 Full Resolution and 30-35 Web Resolution images.
-Rights to reproduce your images
-All images will be post-processed/retouched
-Online proofing gallery @ CurtChauncey.com

AND in addition to all of this, we will feature 3 of your photos in our Natural Glamour Gallery on the Living No Lye website

Entry Rules: Leave a comment to this post giving us your best idea for what should be featured on an upcoming episode.  The idea that wins will win the photo shoot!  Be creative ladies (and gents).  The winner will be announced on the December 29th episode. (Note: You must be logged in to leave a comment). Please keep in mind that the winner must be willing to travel to within at least 40 miles of Atlanta for the shoot.

Good luck, ladies!


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  1. Alex

    4:39 PM

    Since I am a makeup artist, I believe you all should mention how us women should wear our makeup. With fall and winter being the latest season, there are so many women out of the current trend with their makeup. There are many do’s and don’ts that we need to know about. I wouldn’t mind helping out with this aspect or coming on the show. I currently work for MAC full time, but I also freelance throughout the city. I have a YouTube channel where I talk about makeup tutorials and natural hair (www.YouTube.com/alexandrabond) and my website is http://www.alexandrabutlermua.com.

    Everyone wants to look beautiful. It’s great we are learning about hair and health, but beauty from a makeup standpoint is very important and I see it EVERY day. Thanks.

  2. chanelj

    3:09 AM

    I think an idea for an upcoming episode should be about how to keep your hair healthy on limited time, budget and products. Example I work 12+ hrs (3-5) days a week, I have a husband and 4 kids (2 girls w/natural hair as well) time does not always permit for me do the things I would like to do with my hair. Wash and go, twists, puff, or whatever I feel. At best I keep it very simple and I do not use alot of products.

    Thanks for the opportunity to give my two cents.

  3. caramelnaps25

    7:38 PM

    I think a topic that could be considered is going natural and the impact it has on one’s self esteem. Surprisingly, many clients decide against it because they are worried about how they will be perceived by others. Our job them switches gears and we become a counselor or therapist. For those that we are able to encourage the journey starts there, others… not so much:(

  4. lovingthenaturallife

    7:39 PM

    I would like to see an episode on modern hair styles that are mom/adult friendly. I need more ways of wearing current trends and styles while still remaining age appropriate, kinda like the mini skirt rule.. there just comes a time when a style needs a little tweaking and a skirt needs just a little more length :)

  5. Val

    9:06 PM

    A great feature would be a few men from different back grounds and ages, such as educated, street, blue collar workers and even different races discussing their views about black women wearing their natural hair. I think it would make for great discussion and will provide some insight as to what men tend to think, while giving us the good the bad and the ugly, lol!

    • kay9

      2:41 PM

      Great Idea! This is an ongoing discussion amidst my circle. Some of my guy friends refuse to date a woman with relaxed hair, a few dont care as long as nothing “extra” is added and others don’t mind the choice of hair care as long as the woman looks good at all times. This would offer very constructive dialogue. Good post!

  6. msatlchica

    9:09 PM

    As a woman with natural hair, my locs are fairly easy to maintain which can get me stuck in a rut as far as styling options go. I see pretty clips and decorated combs in the store, but really have no ideas as far as using them in my hair. It would be really cool if you did an episode on how to accessorize natural hair, especially with holiday parties and (my birthday lol) coming up.

  7. kay9

    2:15 PM

    I think it would be awesome to do an episode entitled “LASTING TRENDZ: Natural Beauties take fashion, style and confidence to the next level!” In this episode we should explore the images and lifestyles of women who have conquered the social complexities of going natural. With the variations of everyone’s repective journey, there’s much to be shared. Some of us have had hair care problems, others made a change by choice. For some it’s a fad, and there are instances where women have struggled with a decision because of image and even the opinion of their better half has weighed heavily. I have a guy friend who REFUSES to date women with relaxed hair. But why do we allow all of these things to prevail in our decision making? Not with LASTING TRENDZ! Let’s empower others who simply want to embrace their natural textures and show them that our beauty is GLAMOROUS, SOPHISTICATED, UNPREDICTABLE AND UNSTOPPABLE!

  8. kay9

    2:26 PM

    (LASTING TRENDZ continued…The episode should flow in the form of a fashion show, but in the CITY: Featured ladies will flaunt their style, fashion and HAIR with an upbeat catwalk through the urban streets of Atlanta. In the spirit of honoring the grand prize, photographers should be placed throughout the streets as these ladies parade their natural beauty, snapping photos as one would do in a photo shoot. The ladies meet up in the end…group shot capturing the essence of individuality, freedom and all rays of beauty. #NaturalGirlsRock

  9. anngeekay

    9:04 PM

    I think transitioning to natural hair is easier for adults. I have a 17 year old sister who is transitioning and wants to BC but is afraid because of comments made by her schoolmates..i would love to see an episode geared toward natural hair and teens. thanks.

  10. 1JaziDoc

    10:58 AM

    Perhaps a show about Living No Lye Naturally would be nice! The show could feature using products found throughout the house for natural hair care. For example, using avocado for a deep moisturizing treatment, using apple cider vinegar to clarify, olive or coconut oil for shine and honey as a humectant. A lot of time we natural beauties get sucked in to buying expensive products to maintain our curls, but there are many products that are in out cabinets right now that will get the job done just as well as (and sometimes better than) these expensive products that come in nice packaging! Here is to living no lye naturally…sistas on a budget will appreciate it!

    • 1JaziDoc

      11:01 AM

      *in OUR cabinets (excuse the typo…lol)

  11. zoukgirl

    11:33 AM

    You know, i hear that while the natural hair movement is going strong in America, its still very unpopular in Africa, of all places!! You’d think that the motherland would be more accepting. I’d like to know why that is not the case. It is a predominanty black continent after all!

  12. C_Salty

    7:00 PM

    Holistic Holiday should be the theme and topic for Living No Lye’s next web show. Let me say that I absolutely love supporting my sisters in life and in business but sometimes my discretionary cash flow is straight up imaginary. The show could be two-fold: a quick look at the average prices of some of the most popular natural hair brand name products and secondly, a recession proof alternative. (Youtube features how-to videos for inexpensive homemade whipped shea butter, flaxseed gel, henna conditioners etc.)

    The second part of the show can feature holistic techniques that impact the quality of our overall health. For example, try out yoga (online/rent a dvd) for increased blood circulation to the scalp and it relieves stress. Try regular affordable hot oil scalp massages. Coconut, anyone? Remember our annual physical check-up to make sure any hair issues aren’t related to health problems (Regulating my iron helped my hair growth tremendously.) Taking care of our luscious natural tresses shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg (product dependency) so save some money this holiday season. Also, when you lay your head on your satin/silk pillowcase at night, you can smile knowing you’re taking a healthy hair holiday.
    P.s. Your wallet will thank you too—unless there is a natural hair product BOGO sale. ^-^

  13. CiCi

    12:12 PM

    How about the topic of going natural and maintaining in Corporate America. Going Natural is more accepted today however some styles are still looked down upon in Corporate America. When I first Loc’d my hair, I was so nervous to return to work that Monday because I didnt know how my co-workers would take to the new look. Also, those who have gone natural still have to deal with the fact that there may be negative looks during an interview. How to overcome rejections to your natural lifestyle!!!

  14. quannyg

    8:47 PM

    I feel Living No Lye should do a topic on Transitioning from relaxed or chemically treated hair to natural. Many ladies I run into say I am thinking about going natural and I begin to stop perming my hair but then decide to go back to putting the perm in because they do not know how to transition. The reason they should go with transitioning to natural are because according the FDA Researchers found that women who never used permanent hair dyes showed decreased risk of all fatal cancers combined and of urinary system cancers. In addition, you will save time and money. Also for those that like putting in braids and extensions while getting their hair permed; over time there is a chance you may develop alopecia. One form of alopecia is called androgenetic alopecia which is inherited. However, the chemicals in perms can possibly intensify the condition. The other form is central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia. Styling and grooming practices can place all women at risk for this type of hair loss, but African-American women are especially at risk for this condition due to traumatic forms of hair loss from constant and irritating chemical processes such as hair relaxers. Two types of transitioning I am aware of (1) Gradually grow your hair out: This option means you keep your relaxed hair while you grow the new growth hair out. This method requires much more work, (depending on how long you keep the relaxed hair) unless you transition with a covering style such as weaving, wigs or braids. (2) Cut the relaxed hair off right away: This is the quickest and easiest way to go from relaxed to natural hair to simply cut the relaxed hair off. Depending on how much new growth hair you have, this could mean you shave your head or cut your hair down to a twa (teeny weeny afro). I hope and feel that this topic will give our sistas tips on how to confidently and transition from perm to natural. quannyg75@hotmail.com LaQuanda Gill – Jones

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