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Living No Lye: A Natural Hair Journey - Going Green One Step at A Time

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Going Green One Step at A Time

By:  Toni Hall Parker On:  January 06, 2011 0 Comments

Like many people, you’ve pondered the “What’s your New Year’s resolution?” question over and over again.  Maybe you’re still undecided or perhaps, like many others, you’ve decided to live a greener life in the coming New Year.  However, you don’t know where to start. When a distance runner prepares for a marathon, she increases her distance one mile at a time, and just like the distant runner, you must take one small step at a time when you’re deciding to live a greener life.   The first step might seem a bit uncomfortable because you’re doing something that is not natural to you.  But soon enough, you will be stepping with ease and ready to add the next step until you reach your goal.  So to help you get started with the first step, I’ve categorized the areas where most people begin in their walk towards a greener life. This will help you safely navigate your way through your ultimate destination- i.e., a healthier mind, body, and spirit.

A green mind entails you to replace negative thoughts with more positive thoughts.  The first step towards achieving this is to take itty bitty steps with just one negative thought.  For example, if you are constantly filled with self doubt, replace just one of those thoughts with a more positive thought.  So if you think that going natural will be difficult to manage, immediately, replace that thought with a more positive thought like, “going natural will be great because first of all, it’s my natural hair, and secondly, I have an amazing support group- complete with videos and product reviews to show me the way. “  It might take you a week or two until you’ve completely accepted that going natural will be a beautiful process.  However, eventually you will see that that going natural is as natural as breathing air. Once you’ve conquered the first negative thought, move on to the next thought until you feel that you are basically a very positive person who is in full control of her life.  Now that you’re oozing positivity that everyone is taking note of, it’s time to bring your body into the picture-don’t panic-it’s as simple as one-two-three.

With the body, you have many areas to focus on, such as losing weight, buying greener personal care products, or just eating healthier food.  Again, start with one area to go green, such as eating healthy.  Now eating healthy doesn’t mean that you run to Whole Foods and do a major overhaul in your kitchen. It simply means that you will select one thing, such as eating more fruits instead of cookies and chips. So, every time you want a cookie or chip, just replace it with a fruit.  The first two days will be tough, but after day 3, your cravings will drop dramatically, especially if you’ve cut sugar from your diet completely during those first two days.  Once you ‘ve mastered incorporating more fruits into your diet, you can move on to adding or deleting another food item and you will be well on your way to a healthier body.  So now you’re oozing positivity and your body is starting to feel healthier, it’s time to focus on your spirit.

Feeding your spirit is very similar to feeding your mind and body.  You have to feed your soul very green energy.  A good place to start is with reading your religious/spiritual doctrine, i.e. the Holy Bible, The Qur’an, or the Hebrew Bible, etc.  Next, you can focus on an act of kindness that you would like to incorporate into your life.   One great act of kindness is to be kind to people that you would not ordinarily be kind towards.  When you come into contact with that person, smile and say hello. Once you see how good it feels to actually make someone else happy (gasp), you will be saying hello to many others in no time.

Now that you see how easy it is to start being a healthier, happier you in 2011 with these three very tiny steps, grab your proverbial sneakers and get on the path towards a greener and ultimately, more healthier you-mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Happy New Year to a greener, new you!

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