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Living No Lye: A Natural Hair Journey - My First 2 Months Natural and what I named my hair…

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My First 2 Months Natural and what I named my hair…

By:  NaturaLeah On:  January 28, 2011 6 Comments

Ok.  So, it’s not OFFICIALLY 2 months yet (BC’d December 4th).  But I didn’t want to wait another week before sharing my experience so far!  First of all, I feel ZERO regret.  Never felt it from the minute I sat in Michelle’s chair at Urbanbella ’til now.  I’m so grateful for that.  I recently heard some stories about people who did their big chop and felt horrible afterward.  To those people I say, “Keep the faith.”  It seems to be that the people who feel that way aren’t sure how to style their hair or which products work best for them.  My suggestion is to keep reading, watching and talking with all the other ladies in the natural hair community.  That has been a huge help :-)

I figured since I was starting a new relationship with my hair, I might as well know who I’m dealing with along the way.  So, there was an unofficial naming ceremony and I’d like to introduce you to…Sasha!  So, I’m going to post pics, but before I do, I just wanted to share a few things I learned these first (almost) 2 months.

    1. Sasha loves water! This was totally different from transitioning life.  Water was the enemy.  But now, I can’t start my day without a dose of good old H2O :-)
    2. You don’t have to tie your band so tight that your brain is squeezed in order to make a good puff. After a few times of walking around with a terrible headache, I gave up and loosened my knee-high….nothing awful happened.  Glad I learned that early before causing breakage and maybe eventual brain damage…lol.
    3. The feeling you have when wearing your natural hair after years of relaxers is indescribable. To say it feels great is a massive understatement.  I feel more beautiful (I didn’t even have a problem with the way I looked before) and more “me.”
    4. Having 10 different bottles of shampoo and conditioner with you in the shower can get complicated. I’m finding myself gravitating toward the same products each time (see my regimen below).

    Day after BC

    Sasha's first wash

    First Puff

    First attempt at finger coils

Flat twist Wash and Go with Eco

Wash and go (back)

First Bantu-knots

Love the bantu knot-out!

Faux Hawk with flat-twists

Puff at 1.5 months

Hope you enjoyed the pics and if you’re out there and think you’re all out of ideas for your twa, hopefully this will give you a few more :-)

As promised, here is my usual regimen:

shampoo: Miss Jessie’s Creme de la Curl (once a week) and Shea Moisture Curl and Shine (every other week)

Conditioner: Giovanni Deeper Moisture mixed with Jane Carter Solution Replenishing Conditioner (Deep conditioning)

Co-Wash: Nature’s Gate Jojoba Conditioner and Herbal Essences Hello Hydration

Leave-In: Giovanni Direct Leave-In (I don’t think I’ll ever change this one)

Steam Treatment (every 2-3 weeks): Huetiful Hydrating Hair Masque

Seeing it all typed out still looks like a ridiculous amount of products.  But I’m never using them all at the same time.  I promise!

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  1. ChocolateSparkle

    11:12 PM

    Yay Leah! I love it! Love the bantu knot-out! I’m motivated again!

  2. WestIndianCoily

    8:08 PM

    Your hair looks Fab and you wear that TWA so well! I’m 4 months into my transition and I guess the word is ‘amazed’ at how coily and beautiful my hair is — and to think that it has always been this beautiful, but I was always under the impression that my hair was ‘tough’. Each time I went natural I kept it short — like shorter than a TWA…more like a Ceasar…so this time I intend to get intimate with my coif — and I’ll have to think of a good name for her as well! Thanks again for this site and for sharing your journey!

    • NaturaLeah

      10:46 PM

      Thanks! I was under that same impression you were. I think a lot of us are/were. But good luck on “getting intimate.” It’s so much fun! You’ll have to share pics and let us know what you name her :-)

  3. choclatey77

    8:50 PM

    Go head girl your hair looks wonderful!

  4. NaturaLeah

    6:34 PM

    Thanks, choclatey77! And congrats on winning the Bee Mine contest :-)

  5. LucyInDaSkyWithDiamonds

    3:30 PM

    its gorgeous !

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