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In the Spotlight – Celebrity Stylist Felicia Leatherwood

By:  Laquita Thomas-Banks On:  September 04, 2011 0 Comments

Celebrity Stylist Felicia Leatherwood

Celebrity Stylist Felicia Leatherwood has created styles for Jill Scott, Sanaa Lathan, Will Smith, Terrence Howard, Anthony Anderson and more. Pictures of her most recent ‘big chops’ done on celebrities Kim Coles and Tomiko Fraser Hines have been blasted throughout the blogoshpere.

Along with styling hair, she also conducts hair care workshops for women of color around the world. According to her website Loving Your Hair With Natural Care, “… the workshops are in response to the hundreds of questions she receives from women desperate for answers and guidance about their tresses.  Felicia specializes in helping women transition hairstyles and grow healthier hair.  These styles range from “get up and go” to the latest trends.”

Felicia Leatherwood took time out from her busy schedule to share with LNL readers her hair story, advice and inspiration behind her workshops.

Felicia’s hair story …

I’ve pretty much always been natural with the exception of experimenting for a little while with relaxers and weaves.

Why she cut her locs, starting over with a “big chop” …

I cut my locs because it was time and the hair will always let you know when it wants to move on from another hairdo. I wanted to get back to focusing on who I am on the inside without my hair. I started becoming, what I call “Hair  Obsessed,”  which is when we start making our hair be wrong for how we feel about ourselves.

Her advice for those contemplating wearing their hair natural …

Going Natural is 50/50 – 50% patience/50% confidence. Be patient with transitioning your hair and never ever curse your hair.  Rock your hair with the highest of confidence!

On whether or not celebrities recently doing the “big chop” is a fad …

No not a fad, an awakening!  Women who have been hiding their hair under weaves and relaxers, etc. are recognizing that they don’t have to do that anymore.  More and more women are being accepted and loved as beautiful and sexy, wearing their natural hair, and that’s an inspiration to others.

On whether celebrities who return to chemical straightners feel pressure to do so because of their professions …

Sometimes that plays a roll in the decision and other times, we as women want dramatic changes in our lives and our hair provides a forum for that change.  And when you are a celebrity, you have to constantly BRING IT, in order to stay in the media as new and inventive.

On naturals adding color to their hair …

Natural is looking and feeling more of your organic you, using organic products as much as possible for the health of your hair, without altering the texture or pattern of the natural curl.  There are plenty of all natural hair dyes that I have used in coloring hair, i.e. – Naturatint and Bigen Henna hair dye.

The inspiration behind her workshops …

While traveling all over the world and seeing that women of color were killing their hair with chemical altering and improper weaving techniques, I started thinking that this type of hair abuse is not just on the outside, but on the inside as well.  It all starts with how we feel about ourselves on the inside.  The work I do has to do with working from the inside out!  This is how we empower each other.

What the future holds …

More workshops and information on how to Love Your Hair with Natural Care. I have workshops coming up in London – date and location TBA – and much, much more is coming!  I’m excited about it all.

I also do Natural Hair Workshops LIVE Online twice a month for the women I can’t get to that need help with their hair – women that are far away on U.S. bases and women in other countries that don’t have a natural hair community in their area.  You can check the website for dates and times of the online workshops.

Please visit my websites (see links below).

More Information:

Loving Your Hair With Natural Care Website

Loving Your Hair With Natural Care on Facebook

Loving Your Hair With Natural Care on Twitter

Loving Your Hair With Natural Care on Tumblr

Loving Your Hair With Natural Care on Youtube

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